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Muhammad the Messenger of Allah

Muhammad the Messenger of Allah is the son of Abdullah, son of Abdul Muttalib, son of Ibn Hachim, son of Abdu Manaf, son of Qusay and the Qurayshi, Ishmaeli and Abrahami. He is a man from Arab from Makkah's town which is located in the Arabian Peninsula (Most of it today is located within the borders of the country called the Saudi Arabia Kingdom). In fact, Makkah as most geomorphologiest and astronomiest say that is the world's heart or it is the most probable spots of earth to be the terrestrial's globe heart.
It is a mountainous and desert town...Where the Arab's human races have been lived for years ago.

The Arabs were founded before Abraham the father of Messengers. And they had big famous tribes in the ancient history that had deep-rooted and marvelous civilization!

The historians say that most or the overwhelming majorities from among the ancient Arabians tribes were extinct or cease to exist. But the remain Arabs that came after them today are other tribes that had learned Arabic from them and most of them are the descendants of the noble Prophet Ismael – - brother of Ishaq- the son of Abraham peace and blessings be upon him.

In what we call the Middle East and in the world's heart  which is the cradle  of Messengers and Messages especially in the Arabian Peninsula; where these people lived  with simplified life that is very cross to nature and spontaneity and very far away from complication in civilization. So that they were distinct by a moderation in their natures and   tempers as they were characterized by wonderful characteristics such as: truthfulness, sincerity, faithfulness, generosity, liberality, courage, sensor of honor, the rejection of injustice and humbleness as well as to grant courtesy, to compete in manhood's characteristics,
Certainly, there is a great wisdom behind that made this surface from the world a place for all Messengers and Messages!

Muhammad this man who is a great man for all Muslims historians (who believe in his prophet hood and follow him) as well as for non- Muslims as Christians and Jews; he was born in 571 C.E and lived as orphan because his father died before he was born. After that his mother also died when he had just six years old. Then, he was adopted first by his grandfather and after his grandfather's death he was adopted by his uncle until he became a pubescent young boy...
And after forty years of his birth; that's to say, when he became an adult who knew everything and tried all things about life; he got married, had children and had raised them. Besides, all historians unanimously agree that he was known among his people as an honest, wise, eloquent and trustworthy man. In addition, he refused injustice, humbleness and helped needy people as he took care of weak persons. In spite of this- as the overwhelming majorities- he was an illiterate who did know neither writing nor reading.

Over a 23-year period starting when he was about 40 years of age, he announced that he received revelation from God, through the Archangel Gabriel who would teach him religion and message and inform him that God had chosen him to be the last messenger sent to all of mankind and there will not be any other messengers after him. Further, he (peace and blessings be upon him) started to spread the message of Islam in term of confidentiality in his family and in his intimate and trustworthy friends. A lot of man and women from his hometown had responded to him; whereupon he began to preach in public the message of Islam. However, Quraysh which were his nations became actively hostile, persecuting his poorer disciples, mocking and insulting him. They said that he had become a little mad, magician, liar or he had become a fluent poet who witched people by his words as well as they said many things that contradict them!

In carrying out his mission, he suffered persecution and he endured all hardships regarding his reputation, dignity or even in his body! But he remained patient and steadfast (despite all the persecutions and torture displayed by the Quraish against his followers). In fact, he faced truculence and violence against his nation with kindness, forgiveness and lenity even if his weak friends had received torture, harm, mockery, blockading and boycott.  He continued spreading the Message of Islam despite persecution of his followers. He (peace and blessings be upon him) explained to his nation the Message which he was sent for. His unique mission was to unite humanity in the worship of the One and only God and he eradicated idolatry, man-worship, and polytheism in all forms so thoroughly, he ordered them for praying, charity, sincerity, virtuousness, fulfilment, faithfulness and strengthening the family ties and he also invoked divine care for them day and night by using all available means and tools. He really look for their best and he wished to them glory, honour and happiness either in the present life or in hereafter but they wanted damages for themselves! Also the leaders of his nation lead against him attacks of distortion and alienation through force and money!  Of course, they were blind and mist because of many accumulated factors; for instance, debauchery in the life present and the negligence about the truth of existence as well as they gave obedience and submission to their chiefs and leaders and also they were fear from changes in conditions as they liked safety and to be satisfied with what is existing now! All these are slight causes that made them losers and wasters of opportunities. Concerning their leaders, they were deceived by sovereignty and presidency that they think that they could lose it if they followed the right path. Also, they were plunged into strong stubbornness. But did they gain something? Equally important, he (peace and blessings be upon him) continued carrying his mission and he gradually received revelation in order to elevate people on the true religion that contained mercy, justice, philanthropy wisdom and reform. After all, he (peace and blessings be upon him) was desperate about the conversion of his nation to Islam because they were conspired to kill him. That's why, God ordered him to immigrate to a world famous city '' al-Madinah'' where there exist nowadays his mosque and his tomb. In ''al-Madinah'' they lived few Arabians clans who some of them believed in Muhammad's mission and came to Makkah at the time of pilgrimage to vow allegiance to the Prophet and invite him to their city as well as  they swore to defend as to lodge him; so that, it would be  possible from there to spread his mission. He (peace and blessings be upon him) absolutely immigrated as well as his intimate friends who were in a position to do so; they were man, women and children who also immigrate for the faith's sake not for other personal or worldly purpose or even economical or political but just because they believed in faith and they really recognised it as God's Message Who created them for worshiping Him as well as He tested them with such tests in this present life. Referring to the Arabians clans they were very simple because they did neither have political nor expansion ambitions as they were not civilized as other world civilisation were in that age; consequently, they were convinced about reality and their believed in the absolute truth that  had  a big impact on their souls and accordingly they react .  

     Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) moved to al- Madinah and he established the newly-established State where he (peace and blessings be upon him) could spread his mission with liberty. Then he started regulating the social, economical and political affairs of his followers. Meanwhile, Quraish launched an attack against the newly-established Muslim State, so the war took place and Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) had defeated them even if his armies were not well equipped in term of numbers and arms. The first great invasion that was broken out between him and them was called ''Badr'' which had worthwhile history for Muslims. As a consequence, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was able to conquer the city of Makkah which was his hometown and the world's heart. He made an end to wars and; therefore, the whole of the Arabian Peninsula had followed him and converted to Islam. Along this line, Prophet Muhammad delivered his message and send messages outside Arabia namely for the kings of other countries in order to incite them to convert to Islam and to believe in his message that he was sent for. He sent messages to the king of the Roman's kingdom as to the king of the Persian's kingdom and others. Unfortunately, he (peace and blessings be upon him) himself would like to go forwards until the end with these powerful countries but he (peace and blessings be upon him) died. After his death, his friend Abu Baker, the first man who believed in Muhammad's mission (peace and blessings be upon him) and who was mostly loved by him   because of his distinguishable traits and ethics, was elected by heads and became caliphate or president. Moreover, the Muslim state was progressing and even if there were death, there were an elected successor who took in charge the ruling of the state but after that there were conflicts and civil war between Muslims that ended through peace and conciliation. Hence, the regime had been changed from caliphate to monarchy throughout history.

     Soon Muslims had states after sates and each state was either good or less worthy because there were among it who were deeply sticking to Islam and Muhammad's message and who were immoderate and they just brought the name of it and few of it slogans without knowing about the real purport and so on… Also, Muslim's nation had known a decrease and increase in different fields such as in politics, economics, army, and in civil, intellectual and scientific civilization and it was the leader of the world where many people did taste justice, mercy and philanthropy that they did not taste it under any leadership expect  under the Islam leadership.

     Besides, the righteous persons of caliphates had following the Muhammad's path by spreading Islam and inciting people to convert to it without the resort to force in dealing with people disbelieving in him but they totally gave them the freedom of taking decision whether to embrace or to reject it after they should be released from any force that prohibit them to make the right choice.

     Although, Muslim's state had been declined due to many causes namely: Debauchery, arrogance, delusion about propagandas, names and other diseases that attacked nations! It still stick to its principles, origins and laws that had been brought by our prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

     Nowadays, there is a strong revival from the Muslim's nation because of injustice, severe aggression and compulsion that they have encountered from few Europeans. And they return again to leadership and competition because they finally recognised that their dignity, honour and happiness can not be found in the present life or in the hereafter as long as they are sticking to the religion that has valuable ethics!

*** The Vision of Muhammad's mission peace and blessings be upon him ***

    The prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him came to people in order to say to them that: I am a messenger of God sent by religion of Islam to all mankind which is of course the same religion of all Prophets and Messengers of God. And we are all brothers because our religion is the same that does not differ. Our mission was to bring mankind to an Islamic Monotheism; in other words, none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and none has to ascribe partners to Allah or ascribe divine attributes to others besides Allah. And the worship of others along with Allah implies polytheism because there is One Who deserved to be worshipped is Allah not other partners with Allah. This is my mission and my religion in its origin as well as the mission of all Messengers and Prophets before me; thus, there is no distinction between it.

     The prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him called people to believe in Allah and his Messenger as well as his revealed book. And they had not to distinguished between books are revealed from Allah and they are real. All Messengers had this mission and religion to people: Worshipping Allah Alone and do not ascribe partners to Allah. Concerning the precepts, laws and legislations they were differed from prophet's message to another for example: praying, giving charity and others differed in term of manner of doing it, in its time and in its numbers. Also precepts in prohibition and permission differed from a prophet's message to another because it can be something lawful for some nation and not for other and Allah has a complete Wisdom and He wishes for us happiness and mercy.   

     All the previous Prophets were sent by God for their nations but Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said that he  was the last messenger of God sent to all of mankind of any genders in all the world and his  message is very easy, global, more detailed  and contained the attributes of perfection. So any mankind on the earth is called to believe in Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and his message as well as to be Muslim otherwise Allah will not accept anything from anyone.

***It is impossible from the Disciples of Jesus to say that they are just his disciples and they are only satisfied with Jesus religion and his laws!!***

If they say such thing, they will be liar and disbeliever of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).
And if someone disbelieved a messenger among the Messengers of Allah, He had disbelieved Allah Who sent them.
O weak people. You do not have to reject and refuse the message of Allah or to say that you do not accept this prophet or that Message!
If you do so, you are into two cases either you believe in Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) as to accept as true that he (peace and blessings be upon him) is a prophet so you will follow him; or you will lie on him and disbelieve him by saying that he is a liar and he was not send by Allah and He did not ordered him to do thing!

In the latter case, you are into two situations:
Either you do not want to follow the right guidance as you do not want to look for it or take it into consideration because the main concern and interest for you is your desires and material and worldly concern. And who is like you; will not wake up from his inadvertence and drunkenness till death and since then he will not benefit from getting up because the exam finished!
This kind of people deserves torture and wrath from Allah All-Mighty and they are   dwellers of the fire.
Or you may say that I did research and look for him (peace and blessings be upon him) but I did not find any proof that told that he is a prophet. We say to you: did you find any proof concerning the prophet hood of Jesus or what his nation claimed that he was incarnation of God or God's son? And if you want to prove the prophet hood of any messengers that you believe in them; you have better to prove the prophet hood of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).
Ask yourself for example did you prove the prophet hood of Noah, Abraham, Moses ,David, Solomon or Jesus? And how did you prove it? And if you prove it; we are going to say to you that the same proof can be considered as evidence for the prophet hood of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). And also we are going to say to you that you have to look at proofs and evidences and see if he is really a prophet. And if you want to gain and succeed in your real life, you should know about his perpetual miracle which is the Qur 'ân, read it and understand it because it contains guidance and lightness. And after that, you would have to answer the following questions: Is it human's speech? Could people do this? And also you have to see what he said about the way of life (Shari'a) in which he permitted things and prohibited others as well as he harmonized faith with knowledge and action.

***The Core Issue***

Islam says to people that this life that we are living (the life of this world or the first home) does not last forever; it lapses. In other words, we were not created to last on it but to pass through it. Indeed, it is the hereafter that lasts and it comes after death and the Day of sorting out; yet people are either well rewarded or have a painful and perpetual torment. In fact, Allah created us in order that He may test us regarding His obligatory duties as well as He wanted either to know who worships Him Alone or disbelieves Him and who obeys Him and follows His messengers and books. This is the main reality and if you understand it; you will be convinced as well as you will not have to try had to know the real religion that is preferred and blessed by Allah or be tricked by this life of this world. To illustrate this, you can find a poor Muslim who lives in the African desert and he is considered as undeveloped person according to the world's standards and; therefore, he died due to starvation, disease and deprivation but also he died on the real religion. This man is more better than a millionaire disbeliever (who lives in Los Angeles or wherever and has all desires that people know but he died on anther real religion) of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) and The Islamic religion. As result, Islam does not tell you to be undeveloped, poor or even to die from starvation, deprivation disease or to discard away from your properties but it says to you to be healthy and powerful as well as to use our minds properly.
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